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High quality in every application

We ensure premium quality across our product range. Our suppliers of spare parts are well-known German manufacturers developing and producing for the European Automotive Industry (O.E.) with a high standard of product quality, delivery time and flexibility.

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Engine parts

The first plans for combustion engines go back to 1806, but it took another fifty years until the first commercially successful one was developed around 1860. Since then, vast numbers of inventions, countless patents and tons of hard work of engineers, mechanics and technicians was blended into engine technology to achieve what can be considered a true engineering masterpiece. And still everyday there are improvements coming on stream to provide maximum power by diesel or gasoline-driven engines to vehicles and machines all over the globe.

We offer premium gaskets from Elring and the best engine spare parts from KOLBENSCHMIDT, TRW Engine Components and BF – all of which stand for high OE competence, cutting edge research and development work and swift quality control.

The most powerful car and truck manufacturers in the world rely on the energy-efficient turbo charger solutions from BorgWarner, which supply their turbo chargers to worldwide market leaders.

Our partners for engine parts
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Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension systems are synchronized to keep the tires on the surface and the vehicle under control. Power steering problems makes the steering wheel hard to move and suspension problems make the vehicle hard to rein in. With a damaged suspension, you lose some control over your vehicle. Driving with a bad suspension is dangerous, because the suspension contributes to your vehicle’s road traction and resistance to centrifugal force when turning and braking. Fatal risks - depending on the suspension problem – include increased risk of rolling over and finding yourself unable to stop as quickly as you would expect in an emergency.

LEMFÖRDER is the prime name for steering and suspension technology in the automotive sector. For over 70 years LEMFÖRDER components are used as OE (Original Equipment) and are produced in the same quality for the aftermarket. Using LEMFÖRDER spare parts and SACHS shock absorbers guarantees a better and safer driving experience in passenger cars, light and standard commercial vehicles.

Our partners for steering and suspension
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The transmission is one of the most important components of a vehicle. It transfers the power of the engine to the wheels of a car or truck and is connected to the crankshaft via the flywheel and the clutch. The demands on modern clutch systems are very high: Rapid and reliable disengagement and engagement of the torque flow, smooth and ergonomic operation, maximum service life without loss of comfort and vibration damping.

SACHS has been a pioneer of clutch systems since 1895 and is known worldwide as a reliable OE supplier for over 55 vehicle manufacturers. It is trusted as THE market leader when it come to a wide variety of quality clutch components.

Our partners for transmission
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All vehicles need reliable brakes that absorb the energy from a moving car or truck by means of friction in order to slow or stop it. Modern brake technology must provide a combination of safety, reliability and comfort. When a truck for example needs to make a sudden emergency brake then relatively small brake components need to absorb approximately 10 times more energy in almost no time compared to the energy that the engine must build up to accelerate the truck. Only very well developed, manufactured and quality-controlled brake components can withstand this unbelievably high stress factor in the long run!

Tigril was founded in 1949 in Dortmund, Germany and was initially specialized purely in developing and manufacturing brake components for several German truck manufacturers. Tigril has grown by now to a top and trusted spare parts supplier for brake systems with European homologation and has become an economical alternative for a wide range of truck spare parts which are trusted by great number of customers and mechanics.

Our partners for brakes
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Emission Control & Cooling Systems

Engine efficiency has been continuously improved over recent decades, but only modern emission control technology can detoxify the exhaust to meet today’s ever higher emissions standards due to increasingly tougher environmental restrictions.

Pierburg has become the specialist in emission control, air supply and throttle valves.

BorgWarner is not only a giant in modern turbo charger technology, but with Wahler also has a premium brand for thermostats and thermal switches under its roof.  The BorgWarner thermal management division supplies via APEX its outstanding fan drives for improved engine cooling while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Our Partners for emission control and cooling systems
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Universal parts

APEX never aimed to offer spare parts from bumper-to-bumper. Focusing on premium brands and making their strength the advantage for our customers means not having each and every screw and nut in our product range. On the other hand we are very proud to have some specialties in our product portfolio like DIRKO sealing compound from Elring, wheel rims and leaf springs from Tigril, wheel bearings from TGL Bearings and batteries from PowerDrive. Our close relationship with the manufacturers we represent also enables us to serve special requests. We invite you to make our flexibility your success!

Our partners for universal items

We aim to be a top service partner in dealing with automotive spare parts for European passenger cars and trucks and industrial applications.